Beto Hires Obama Minion as Campaign Manager

So….. Does this Beto dipshit actually thinks he has a snowball’s chance in HELL to be elected POTUS?

Jennifer O’Malley-Dillon has been hired as Beto’s campaign manager for his laughable Presidential run. She was formally Omama’s Deputy Campaign Manager and has a hyphenated last name. Nothing more needs to be written….. That’s all ya need to know!

“I’m so excited to join the @betoorourke team and get to work building a campaign that will lift people up and unite them to meet our challenges, and that will show up everywhere and listen to & value every voice………..

On a personal note, it’s still too rare for a mom of young kids to do this job. Everything I do is to help make a better world for them & *every* child. I’m proud my daughters & my son will watch mom go to work in this role, and of a candidate & campaign who value & support that………….

I firmly believe primaries make our party stronger. Hardest part is having friends I admire deeply on all sides, working for the many *great* candidates in this race. But I’m absolutely confident we’ll all be back together in time, united in our most important goal for 2020 ”

Jennifer O’Malley Dillon

Calamity Jane