Steeler Themed Coaster to Open: 75 mph! 197 ft Inversion!

YIKES!…..A Steeler themed coaster in the heart of the Steeler Nation. This bad boy, being built at the legendary Kennywood Park, will have a record setting 9 inversions and will cover the 4000 foot track in 2 minutes!

I wonder if the coaster will hold out for a new contract before the season opens?

“We’re working to get everything done as fast as possible……….But we’re not going to rush.” 

Nick Paradise
Kennywood Spokesman

If ya live in the Steeler Nation, you know that it is EVERYTHING Steelers 24/7/365……I gets a little old after a while.

Gotta love the fact that the cartoon guy is wearin’ an Antonio Brown Jersey!

Calamity Jane