Feds Offer $1000 to Adopt a Wild Horse

The feds are willing to “pony up” $1000, if you are willing to adopt a wild horse or burro.

“I encourage anyone who has considered adopting a wild horse or burro to join the thousands of owners who have provided good homes to more than 245,000 wild horses or burros since 1971.”

Brian Steed
BLM Deputy Director of Programs and Policy

“Kilchii and I have come so far since I adopted him. I can’t believe how lucky I was to not only find a gorgeous mustang, but one with the best personality ever. He’s literally like a dog. From sleeping in my lap, to licking my hands, to chasing me around and neighing to me when I call him. We’ve bonded so quickly and have become best friends……..We’ve bonded so quickly and have become best friends………After the first week, every time I came to work with him, he would always come to the gate and wait to greet me.” 

Idaho Teen
New Horse Mom


Calamity Jane