Tesla Won’t Close Stores: Raises Prices!

The Elon Musk/Tesla saga continues. This time the CEO said the car maker would yet again change its plans as stated in an internal email.

Tesla will raise prices by 3% and keep the doors open on more of its stores than previously announced.

We are making an adjustment to our plans and will, at least for the next several months, retain more stores than previously announced. For the most part, the roughly 10% of Tesla sales locations we closed recently don’t pass the Sherlock Holmes test. Meaning, most of these stores are in such difficult or obscure locations, only Sherlock Holmes could find them! Even if selling through stores were our only means of sales, we would still have closed them down. A few stores in high visibility locations that were closed due to low apparent demand generation will be reopened, but with a smaller Tesla crew.

Elon Musk

Read the rest of the memo here:


Calamity Jane