March 3: Irish Whiskey Day!

Listen up you deplorable drunken bastards! It is Irish Whiskey Day!

This festive day is held every year exactly 2 weeks before St Patrick’s Day. Irish Whiskey Day is most likely the brainchild of some Madison Avenue Don Draper-like ad executive, simply designed to sell more Irish whiskey……. That’s my guess, anyway, but I’m too hungover to look it up!


The 3rd March date was chosen because of the significance of the number 3 in Irish Whiskey and in Ireland.
  • There are three styles of Irish Whiskey, Single Grain, Single Malt and Single Pot Still.
  • Irish Whiskey must be matured for three years before it may be called whiskey.
  • There is a tradition of Irish Whiskey being Triple Distilled.

Have you hugged you Bushmills today?

Calamity Jane