9 Year Old Ohio Girl Delivers 39,000 Boxes of Crayons

Little girl who collects boxed crayons for children's hospitals.

9-year-old Ella Tryon was in the hospital for gastrointestinal issues when she was 6. She got better and decided to help sick kids. Ella started her own non-profit called Help Me Color a Rainbow.

Ella’s group has delivered over 39,000 boxes of crayons to sick kids in hospitals. In one drop, 5,000 crayons were dropped off at St Jude’s.

“I just wanted to color and have other people have the same opportunity.”

Ella Tryon

“She doesn’t hesitate to make you happy. She will do anything to get you to smile, no matter who you are………….. I think Ella is a perfect example of what we need more of, no matter what age, no matter where we’re from, no matter what we do.”

Dr. Tina Piscitelli-Shaffer
Emergency Medical Director, University Hospitals Geauga Medical Center.


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