American Rifleman Cover Stirs Outrage

Looks like the gun-grabbers have their shorts in a twist again!…… This time over the cover of The American Rifleman, an NRA publication.

The NRA magazine The American Rifleman’s March 2019 cover has set off the left. Democrats have a short fuse in the gun rights debate anyway, but the current outrage is particularly unserious. The cover features a photo op Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats, including former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, took when Pelosi spoke about universal background check legislation Democrats are putting up for a vote next week. Next to that photo is the NRA’s wording – “Target Practice” with the subtitle “Congressional Democrats target gun owners for persecution with extreme firearm transfer bans.”

Karen Townsend

H/T….. Donthepit

Calamity Jane