Surfer Becomes Part of Food Chain in OZ!

Authorities in that famous Aussie surfing spot, Byron Bay, say a 41 year old surfer dude was attacked by a shark and airlifted for treatment Sunday.

“I was freaking. When I heard the screams he was making in the water and then I saw a chunk of his board floating off, that’s when I realised it was pretty bad.”

Surfer Dude witness

“He was treated at the scene by NSW Ambulance paramedics, before being airlifted to Gold Coast University Hospital.”

Local Police

Surfers don’t seem to realize, once you dip a toe in the ocean, you become part of the food chain……

Calamity Jane and Charlie don’t surf……

Jane’ll stay on the beach where the sharks aren’t……. Unless it’s a cartoon shark!

Calamity Jane