Happy Hour:Open Topic/Open Post

This morning Tokaise Blessed Patriot promoted our little group on her Twitter feed. Calling our meeting room a “FREE SPEECH ZONE”.

Has a nice ring to it, does it not? After some discussion, It was thought it may make a good Open Topic/Open Post title.

I cranked out a few graphics this afternoon. I’d like your opinions…… I like the stark graphic style….. It was originally made with a white background and black letters, but it got absorbed into the white of the page background. The graphic with the black background is very bold and gets your attention.

I do like the eagle concept though…. Nothing is written in stone….I invite your input.

Another idea is to change up graphics for a variety. This option gets my vote. I do love playing with graphics. It would also give you guys a chance to make suggestions as to what may look awesome……or even submit your own……

Ya know!…… I’m kinda likin’ this idea!

Whataya think?

Calamity Jane