Westminster Dog Show Opens Today: Open Topic

Well it’s that time of year for the snooty, upper crust of society to let their perfectly coiffed pooches prance around in circles in the Big Apple. The 143rd Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show opens today.

The Janester is partial to Golden Retrievers, but all dogs are welcome here at the Hacienda.

At the dog show, these dogs run around the floor lookin’ all happy and proper…… When the show is over, do they go back to bein’ regular dogs again?….. You know….Back to their jobs of chasin’ tennis balls, sleepin’ on the couch, roustin’ squirrels from the bird feeder…… Just a thought!

Eh, a dog is a dog!….. It is the owner who is stuffy. Some of these show dog people should be parading themselves around in circles for ribbons and titles!….. The dogs don’t care! They only want some tasty treats and a belly rub!

I was never much on the owners braggin’ up their “champion” canine….. “Champion” of what, exactly?

Field trials champions are more impressive in my book….These dogs actually have to work and think to earn their championship titles!

Bow-Wow, Baby!


Open thread………….Open Topic

Calamity Jane