US Army Brings Back WWII Era “Pink and Greens”

The US Army is bringing back the WWII era uniforms as their new daily uniform. The Pink and Greens are not scheduled to go into use until 2020, but Army recruiters will start rockin’ their new threads this month. Every soldier will be required to wear the throwback uniform by 2028.

“………the general public recognizes the Army Greens, and identifies the uniform “with the greatest generation…….”

Sgt. Maj. Daniel Dailey
Brig. Gen. Jesse Auton; Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower, Supreme Allied Commander in Europe; Lt. Gen. Carl Spaatz, commander of Strategic Air Forces in Europe; Lt. Gen. James Doolittle, commander of the 8th Air Force in Europe and the Pacific; Lt. Gen. William E. Kepner, commanding general of the 8th Air Force’s 2nd Bomb Division; Col. Donald M. Blakeslee, in Debden, Essex, United Kingdom, 11th April 1944. These VIPs were present for the presentation of Colonel Blakeslee with the Distinguished Service Cross.
Lookin’ sharp!

source: Task and Purpose

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