Musings From Mossberg #21


A Happy New Year to all of you who enjoy these rantings every week!  It appears that the New Year started off with a bang for that shrimp dick muzz fuck piece of living shit foreskin nibbler Sammich Onizneez Goatfukir Salami!  The leader of the herd of cows in Iran known as the Cuds Force, he decided to go one on one with President Trump and got a Hellfire enema for his troubles!  I was laughing from the minute I heard Durka Durka and his band of merry men got blown to absolute fuck with no idea it was coming at all! 

Remember that fuck wit that taped a banana to a wall with duct tape and an even more brainless bung tonguer that bought it?  President Trump’s entry into the world of modern art is now called “Airport Hamburger” and it’s fucking priceless!  I’d like to thank all of the attending jihadis who contributed body parts to complete this work of art, too; their contributions will be felt worldwide by everyone except themselves! 

In a not so surprising turn, our congress, democrats, Hollywood celebrities and the media all mourn the untimely death of a fucking muslim terrorist and thus expose their support for the killing of Americans and gives credence as to why those anus sniffing tick infested chancre encrusted walking bags of skin filled with barnyard diarrhea Omar Talib and Pressly get to stay in congress.  They have the full support of the democrats!  Openly now! The left lost one of its heroes, someone they depended on to plot and murder thousands more Americans, and now that President Trump has prevented that by giving them the VegaMatic treatment, they’re all visibly angry and upset and blissfully unaware that they will all be hanged for treason by members of the upcoming purge. Communism? Islam? Dead Americans?  Ok, you’re going with that?  Hold my beer, fucktards.

But!  If there is any human beings in existence that are in dire need of being force fed six pounds of highly radioactive Plutonium as they’re being flensed by a group of disgruntled Norwegian whalers while being suspended from meat hooks jammed in their eye sockets as huge volumes of diesel fumes from a Kenworth are being pumped into their asses from stout hoses fastened to their bungholes and being repeatedly shot with electric nail guns, it’s those fucking worthless sphincter sniffing narcissistic puddles of pig shit eating cock gobbling fuck faces in Hollywood.  Never in the annals of human history has a group of genetically defective mutant brainless attention whores been able to utter what can only be described as vapid automaton open support for people whose sole reason for existing is to kill them by cutting their heads off.  I read the astounding screeds from these suicidal miscreants with complete astonishment. To openly apologize to a murdering cult who lives to kill them especially because Islam has no place for actors whatsoever just makes no fucking sense whatsoever. None!  Actual clear thinking people understand full well the threat of Islam and react accordingly. But not these fucking single celled retards.  They remind me of bacteria yelling “Hey! Over here!” to an amoeba who happily engulfs them and enjoys the easy meal all the while wondering, as amoebas are suspected of doing in cases like this, “What in the fuck is wrong with these morons?”

After I heard of the goat fucker massacre the other day, the first thing that came to mind was the theme song from “Team America-World Police” “AMERICA, FUCK YEAH!” It seemed the only fitting musical accompaniment to the virgin seeking hell bound human turd that ironically had his dick shredded by the explosion and will now be wondering how he gets to spend eternity looking identical to Obama. Oh well!  The media too was obviously upset over the head slamming ass lifters untimely demise. It was, and is fucking hilarious!  The looks on their faces were palpably sad. It was like Mooch had arrived and got her dick caught in the shaved ice machine and died screaming as he was pulled to a slow grisly death by having her meat stick ground to a pulp and bleeding out on the break room floor. And this is AFTER she got caught stuffing a Whole Foods donated potato salad up her dildo calloused ass crack and waltzing around singing “Someday My Prince Will Come” in Catalonian Spanish and throwing tangerines at a horrified group of minimum wage kitchen help.  The media used to be a fucking joke. Ok, Ok, they still are a pathetic joke, but they have become dangerous now as well.  There is no doubt they are all avid supporters of communism and that’s easy to see because they are all actively involved in what has to be the most poorly organized and executed coup in world history.  But they’re doing their part there. (note: all three used properly in one sentence! Go me!) But to see avowed communists suddenly and openly support Islamic jihad and be saddened that more countless Americans won’t be butchered by a fucking terrorist muslim fuck-nose is beyond the pale!! They, as you all well know, will now have to be killed twice!

Yes, yes, I know you’re all saying to yourselves “How can you get killed twice?”  “How is that even possible?” We’ll have no fear mayhem fans!  At the Mossberg Emporium of Constant Agony all such things are possible!  Being hanged by the neck as one is lowered into a junk yard tire shredder is one of the easy ones! It’s de facto twice killing and while intriguing, it still doesn’t count! Noooooooo, I’m talking about garroting a media personality and once they appear expired, a team of specialists revives them and brings them back to life, makes them comfortable and they are subsequently suffocated by having five quarts of axle grease being pumped into their lungs through pneumatic grease guns jammed down their throats. 

See?  Anything is possible and that is just the tip of the pain-berg!  I know, I know, you’re saying to yourself, how could anyone do that to another person?  You’re aghast at the inhumane suffering and cruelty being visited upon another human being!  Truth is, they deserve it.  Anyone who has every opportunity to live a decent life and do good in this country only to work tirelessly to destroy that opportunity and replace the American Dream with the communist nightmare simply needs to know why they’re dying for as long as possible. 

Humanity has survived these millennia because the betrayers and the traitors were all summarily dispatched by people who have no room for such evil in their lives.  They simply don’t deserve a quick death for what they did and are doing. I used to have a live and let live attitude, as do most Americans.  But when faced with those whose sole reason for living is to murder me and everyone I know, or to enslave me to toil endlessly for the few who are favored by the tyrant in power for a crust of bread and a beating if I don’t comply, that is no longer a live and let live type of existence. It’s a “Fuck You, that’s not happening” thing instead.  We are under relentless attack by forces more dangerous than anything anyone has ever faced in the past.  There will be only one who prevails. I mean to see to it that it’s Americans.  Not communists, not Muslims, not racists, not any of those festering boils on our society.  Like all boils, they will be lanced, drained, and their deaths will restore healthy tissue where once was gangrene and pus.

A New Year it is, and we will be entertained with a variety of issues that will dictate how we live, like it or not.  Let’s get the garbage taken out, then we can enjoy it so much better.

Moss out.