Musings From Mossberg #20

I’m getting even instead!

So Christmas has come and gone, and things are getting back to normal.  Quiet, peaceful, not running around like a liberal caught at the Oklahoma Machine Gun Shoot.  Hey, not a bad idea actually……Dress the little fuck up like Tinkerbell and make him run as everybody gets a shot or 500 off to see who can drop him before he spills his chai vanilla half foam sperm burper latte.  I’m sending that one along. No, it’s been an eventful year to be sure with no shortage of things and people that piss me off.  There’s so many though!  So many in fact, that I stopped getting pissed off about it anymore and simply chuckle knowing I’m getting even instead!  That gives me comfort, knowing that the left will die, probably unwillingly but they will still die for my country. Our country. It’s even better because they have no idea!

But there are some things that are so easily avoided and easily fixed that they shouldn’t even be on the radar.  One is spelling.  I know, I know! We all hate grammar Nazis and the auto-correct piece of shit communist spell check infecting our computers is the main culprit.  Until you realize the software was written by a college graduate.  See?  That answers that easily. Not only do they have no idea about the English language, they program rudimentary words, leave others completely out, concentrate on “trigger” words that might offend another illiterate fuck, and basically haven’t got the slightest idea that a dictionary exists because they have been raised with electronic “teachers” and cannot do anything legible without them.  They write the auto-correct code. That’s why it’s so limited in its scope. Most of these shrimp dicks cannot sign their worthless fucking names.  And what’s worse, they are oblivious to their ignorance and do nothing to actually learn.

Anyway, I read a piece about a young man who was molested by a priest for years, and when he turned 19 he tracked the pedo down and killed him by jamming a large crucifix down his throat.  OK, no problem there says I ……. But the article said it was a “grizzly” murder.  What?  Did the youth spend his formative years training a bear to go maul the piece of shit priest?  I wasn’t aware of being able to train a grizzly to sit still much less point at a sick fucking adult child molester and order him to attack!  I will admit I would have much preferred that happen, but I digress.  A grisly murder to be sure!  But not a “grizzly” murder at all!  Whoever wrote it and their editor need to be immersed in a vat of week old beaver shit and forced to eat metal shavings, then giant neodymium magnets applied to their mouths and the metal rips their faces off as it’s pulled out of their intestines at high velocity. I grow weary of mediocre becoming the new benchmark of success.

Another is an article in a rather prestigious publication about a large aircraft carrier that has been decommissioned and is scheduled to be “scraped”.  OK, are they saying it’s going to have all of the paint scraped off?  Or just from the hull maybe?  Or maybe only the fantail where the name is?  Who the fuck writes like this? Who checks their writing?  Even worse, why are they even writing at all?  Scrapping a ship is exactly what happens to decommissioned ships. They’re sold for scrap.  To a scrapyard.  Who then scraps them. If these amoeba brained graduates would even read what they wrote before they embarrass themselves, they would understand, I think. OK, no.  Let’s review, shall we?  OK, the ship is scheduled to be scraped. It will be sent to a scrape yard and vigorously scraped into scrape, and subsequently sold on the scrape market.  See?  Once used in its proper context, the writers stunning utter ignorance is on display for all to see!  That kind of stupidity has no place in a civilized society.  All who were tasked to teach this jerk how to spell and proper word usage should be sent to Burkina Faso and forced to harvest yams with their ass cheeks while wearing egg beaters on their nipples chanting the “Indian Love Song” in Mandarin, much to the delight of local natives.

I’m just worn the fuck out from the veritable cacophony and everything in overdrive due to the holidays.  All in all?  It was great fun.  Lots of people, kids, grand kids, neighbors and friends descending on the house for a laugh and remembrances.  So that’s why I seem less animated and pretty much normal.  Not to fear of course, because I’ll be fully pissed off again by next week and ranting about the things that annoy us all. 

Speaking of annoying, if there is any human being in existence that is in a more dire need of having their larynx removed with an automatic tree shredder while they are being anally invaded by fence posts festooned with framing nails it’s that shriveled up addle brained dim witted fossil scrunt with shoes, Nancy Pelosi.  I try real hard not to get political here because that’s all we get on the media 24/7 every fucking day of every fucking week.  I like you to laugh, and in this case it’s at Botox infused mummified gummy pudding style shit for brains reeker of the louse, that wretched excuse for a fake person.  See, impeachment bullshit notwithstanding, she represents a district in California.  Her constituents, most being unaware they voted for her in every precinct! 

To wonder how she can do these things in congress that she does because even a four year old would eventually stop due to the overwhelming evidence that more people want her dead than believe her screed.  See, she runs congress like she runs her district.  The democrat socialists are mirror images of the drug addicts, mentally ill, the welfare hogs, and living in a fucking open sewer with so much shit and garbage everywhere that the mayor of Calcutta wrote and told her to stop embarrassing shit holes.  You get arrested for having a plastic straw on the same block they’re handing out free syringes for heroin addicts to openly shoot up with.  Where using a plastic bag can get you real jail time, but local merchants have to watch helplessly as their life’s work is shoplifted in front of them because it’s no longer a crime.  Where a person who calls a person of color a person of color and gets sentenced to years in jail for a hate crime and those same people of color can beat and rob them because it’s no longer considered a crime.  Congress cherry picks laws just like Nancy’s district does.  Trump is being impeached for NOT committing a crime while others who commit felonies at will are protected by the Department of Highly Selective Justice and that fucking running fucking joke known still as the FBI. 

I know.  I know.  What can you do?  We all know the answer to that.  No longer if, just a matter of when and where.  I wonder how the shrieking class of the anus mouthed pea brained, mental masturbating midgets would react if I wrote a piece on rapers at the Grammys….. Which raper will win?  How many rapers will be there?  There’s black rapers, Mexican rapers, whigger rapers, and all produce rape music!  Who will be Raper of the Year?  See?  While the mud brained intellectuals are scouring every last word ever posted on the internet for racism or sexism or the phobia du jour to be outraged about, they totally miss glaring grammatical fuck ups.  But!  But!!  If I post my example above and claim the same feeble excuses these rodent cocks use, do you think for one femtosecond they would go, “Oh, OK…..Cool, bro!”.  Fuck no they wouldn’t!  And trust me!  I am sooooooo tempted to post that at the Grammy website!  Just to prove yet again how easily indoctrinated these piss pant little fucks are.  Hell! I just may.  I’d like to know who is in line to be the Raper of the Year. 

It should go to Congress though.  They are professionals.  And they get paid for it.

Mossy out!