Musings From Mossberg #14

Make Normal Great Again!

Sometimes you just sit down and ponder things. You know, why did that happen? What in the hell was that all about?  Or, more common as of late, what the fuck was that?  It’s not easy to escape it either, as every possible venue seems to be in a contest to see who can provide yet another totally stupid moronic thing to say.  It’s not easy being normal anymore!  The media, in league with the socialist left, has been working overtime to make normal, well, abnormal. By the way the media is portraying it, you’d think you were the only normal person left on the planet!  But that’s not even close to the truth and we, the normals, know it.

If there is anyone more deserving of having a lit road flare jammed up his ass and having gasoline pumped into his abdomen at high velocity through a tube jammed down his throat while being run over by a bulldozer until he pops in a grand explosion that muffles his agonized screams, it’s Saul Alinsky.  That miserable fuck wrote the infamous Rules for Radicals that the left uses as their bible. What is astounding is how well it works, as evidenced by congress, corporations and everyday people accepting their constitutional rights being removed because someone will “call them names.” You’ve all seen it.  Grown adults being silenced by those who are having their own rules used against them. Of course, Mossberg don’t play that, and I flat out refuse to have some holier than thou spuzz-guzzling, sphincter sniffer try and silence me. I’ll beat their ass. I know I will. I’ve seen me do it!  It only works on people who let it.  I say this because nobody tries it with me because they want to enjoy life and not be confined to a nursing home with traumatic brain injuries. Everybody knows it, and nobody will try it out.  If people simply said, “Fuck you!” to these pricks, Alinsky’s rules would collapse.

Then there’s those irritating weather people who need to have their anal cavity filled with frozen titanium and packed in with a hammer forge.  Why you may ask?  Because they are seldom correct is fucking why!  While some of their predictions are close, they aren’t that accurate. “Computer models say,“ …. Computer models?  I can make a computer model say anything I want!  “There’s a slight chance of rain late tonight with the possibility of scattered showers in the morning, but it should clear out by lunchtime”. Ok. Where’s the fucking accuracy in that Accuweather bullshit. So I look it up. There’s a 20% chance of rain….. In a 24 hour period.  Ok.  That means that there’s an 80% chance it won’t rain at all!  Why predict rain then? Predict no rain! There’s a better chance you’ll be right!  Computer models.  “Well, there’s a 1% chance a cloud will piss out liquid pig shit at eleventy o’clock with widely scattered laundry over a certain area we aren’t going to tell you. By the early morning hours expect rabid squirrels being neutered with sewing needles from the front that will stall and produce bushels of wheat as it passes wherever it’s going”. Back to you Darleen!

I know, I know, they do their best.  But I heard last night the record cold was going to “bring North America to its knees” and hundreds of records will be broken as a “polar vortex“ descends on hapless citizens nationwide!!!  Fuck me running! We are all going to die!  Ok.  Let’s review. The country will experience “winter”. It gets cold. Sometimes real cold.  The only people on their knees are the climate change freaks. The rest of us bundle up and go to work. Hundreds of records broken. Hmmmmmmmm. Ok, it’s 15 below zero in six states. Yes, that’s fucking cold.  Colder than like, ever!  But the cold covers geographical areas.  It’s a single record cold.  Six hundred cities report record cold. It isn’t “six hundred records” They say that so you’ll tune in and watch some idiot worshipping a pair of Greta’s seldom changed panties.  It’s bullshit. Again, that not so rare and very predictable part of the seasonal change called “Winter.”  A polar vortex is called an arctic front. People with a working brain expect it.  It’s winter after all. People who make money off of it give it a dark sinister name so we will be brought to our knees easier, apparently. They are a fucking joke. It’s an industry designed to make you watch newscasts that are designed to get you to watch commercials which are designed to make money for investors.

It’s cheaper to look out the window. I’ve been soaked by partly cloudy more than once.

It’s crappy out.  We seem to have missed an actual fall.  Everything is dead and brown, it’s cold and muddy, the woodland creatures are annoying and looking for handouts, the birds’ chirping sounds strangely like “fuck off” and everything has settled into that seasonal stasis waiting patiently for Spring. Washington is a collection of power mad grifting dishonest elitist fuck faces who deserve to have their skin removed with a cement trowel while being sprayed with liquid plumber as they hang upside down being beaten with nail studded two by fours.  We are lied to constantly. Our visible government is an illusion and run behind closed doors by very bad people with no accountability.  Judges are inquisitors, deciding arbitrarily who lives and who dies at the behest of globalist financiers they serve while ignoring the rule of law and the constitution. Schools are non-existent, replaced by communists who are training our kids to become like them and denounce us for being normal.  So yeah, this isn’t as funny as I’d like, but it’s increasingly evident that they are leaving no choice for how to fix this shit. You all know what that is. Roger Stone is the canary in the coal mine. So let it play out until they fuck it up and cross the last line. Then?  Act your conscience.  I can’t wait until it’s nice out again and I can report on the insects and animals hijinks. Until then, let’s stick together.  MAKE NORMAL GREAT AGAIN!!!

Mossberg out.