Musings From Mossberg #9

Seriously, Greta…..

Ever hear of Boyen Slat?  How about Greta Thunberg?  Bryan slat is a Dutch teenager who figured out a way to rid the ocean of plastic waste.  And it works.  He’s trying to mitigate that continent sized raft of plastic in the pacific. Experts said 80,000 years.  He said less than ten. He’s doing something. He’s smart, but eschews the limelight.  Anybody wonder why he’s getting zero press?  Zero activist backing?  Zero support from enviro Nazis?  Because he’s figured out a way to do it dirt cheap and also make a tidy profit.  No screaming. No alarms of impending doom. But most telling?  No stealing others money. No destruction of entire economies. No government overreach and the resulting kickbacks. Nobody gets rich doing nothing. He’s just forging ahead and whatever backers he has have invested their capital and inherent risks to do what the enviro turds never have.  Fixing the problem.  Not implementing communism under the guise of caring about planets or people.

Greta?  What has she done to help the planet?  She’s reliant on heavily polluting devices daily. She uses tons and tons of that evil carbon dioxide every hour. She has zero solutions that will be remotely effective. But she gets wall to wall coverage doesn’t she? For doing nothing except bitch, piss, and moan about what nasty fuckers the rest of us are and somehow, in her decade and a half of dubious existence, we are supposed to listen to her considerable expertise on a complex ever changing eco system and do everything she screeched.  How dare you!!  Hey, fuck you thundermug!  What are YOU doing?  Besides showing normal people the ravages of mental illness when used by nefarious ideologists and how horrible that kind of abuse can be.  But seriously Greta……What have you actually done to fix this dire emergency?  What?  You bitch about it. That’s it. You’ve become the poster child for child abuse in the process too.

In short, unlike the Dutch kid nobody has ever heard of, you are doing precisely nothing.  But you’re getting all the attention!  You’re the fucking Oracle of Delphi in rain gear!  Bow to the Joan of Arc of climate change!  You poor sad, pathetic child.  The Dutch kid is cleaning up the ocean.  All you have done for the ocean was to take frequent dumps in it on your sanctimonious way over here. That helps the planet?  You park your McGuffy over the rail numerous times a day and metaphorically show the world what your true feelings are. Piss on the planet. I want cameras! I want unfettered access to world leaders! I want, I want, I want!  Your parents should be flensed.  Your handlers hanged from piano wire. Your financiers burned alive.  You’re a tool, Greta. A simple minded kid being used by those who wish to rule the world.  Want a glimpse of your future?  Go find Cindy Sheehan.  Ask her how the communists are treating her now. You’ll be used, then discarded like garbage.

It’s even more sad, because professional leeches and grifters like Hogg and Sheehan can survive.  You aren’t capable of surviving on your own.  And when it dawns on you that you were only a prop, I doubt you will be able to handle it, and you will commit a very defiant act as most of the vulnerable do when reality slaps them repeatedly in the face……You’ll show them!  But even sadder, they will celebrate your demise because you just solved their problem for them.  Climate fraud will not kill the earth.  But I think it will end up killing you.  You might like to know that people are actually making a difference by doing something. Unlike you and your parents and handler they don’t need the media attention. They’re trying to clean up the planet.  Not have infantile hissy fits while ignoring China, India and Africa as they pollute 1000 times more a day than we do in a year.

Somebody apparently invented a “plastic attractor” device that automatically tracked and disposed of masses of plastic on its own. It was quashed by the government however because it kept breaking down the walls of Nancy Pelosi’s compound and wrecking the surrounding area.  It was making a bee line for DC when it was shut down in the nick of time by concerned scientists. At any rate, the Dutch kid is out cleaning the planet while the climate activists are trashing it.  Go plant a tree, Greta. In your parents fucking Antifa skulls. Then go do what you have to do.  Climate change will kill you!  Just not how you envision it.  Now sit down and shut the fuck up.

Mossberg out!