Musings From Mossberg #7

Greta! Are ya listening?

Have you ever been outside when it’s so hot and humid that local ticks are dropping off of various woodland creatures and making for a body of water to cool off?  Seems like it lasts forever, doesn’t it?  Conversely, have you ever been outside when it’s so fucking cold you need an ice pick to just take a pee on some hapless mulberry tree who, by the way, doesn’t appreciate it at all, but lacking the proper mechanism for speech can only vehemently think a virulent fuck you as it’s dribbled on repeatedly?  That too seems to last forever but for one inescapable reality, it doesn’t.  Summer is hot.  Winter is cold. There’s a dust covered volume sitting somewhere in a grotto called “the rules of nature” and the reason it’s covered with dust is because nobody needs to read it, they can feel it and see it.  Except for our current crop of amoeba brained astoundingly stupid climate clown kids.

See, even the most stump dumb fucker who has managed to survive growing up can tell when it’s daylight, or it’s night time.  You’d think that’s a no brainer, wouldn’t you?  Well my good friend, you are fucking mistaken these days.  What we call the weather, and accept that the weather occurs just as the day night thing occurs, there are a group of mentally challenged mutants who are scared of what the weather will be like in a few years.  It used to be a few months, but the weather didn’t know that and kept doing its thing anyway.  But that doesn’t stop a group of genetic defects from running all over hell and back screeching we are all going to die because we threw away straws and now the sun won’t come up.  Those irritating know everything bitch ass teenies who have less than a decade of life experience are now experts on predicting the climate outcome of an entire planet, and they’ve done this on their own using an app that gives them special secret powers.  I say to them, hey, fuck you!

The meteorological experts with decades or lifetimes of experience can’t predict with any accuracy what the weather will be like this afternoon, much less a planet wide catastrophe ten years down the road!  I see this “climate strike” letting kids cut class to save the planet. Sure.  You tell a kid that they gets an excused absence and they’ll protest the shapes of fucking clouds if it gets them out of school.  I see the signs……there’s no planet B.  Well perhaps not, but they just found Planet X, so stuff that up your asses you impudent little fucks.  But the one that really pissed me off was this snot nosed smart ass looking little bitch holding a sign that said “You ruined the planet. We are going to save it!”  Really?  They are the dumbest bunch of children ever put on this planet and I’ll tell you why.

Every person who was ruining the planet back in the day is either dead or so old they have to piss on the floor and use a shop vac to suck it up.  These little irritating shits have been lied to so expertly they are unaware when this save the planet shit started. Our generation.  Not theirs.  We had polluted rivers and land all over the country.  Industry used waterways to dump their shit on a daily basis.  It was so bad rivers caught on fire. Smog was blocking out the sun, and the enviro Nazis got their start.  The EPA was born. The Clean Air Act. On and fucking on…….Starting about 1965 people started cleaning the environment up. Not these entitled little fucks, US!  In the past 50 years or so our nation has gone from wanton disregard to one of the cleanest in the world!  If you leave out democrat controlled areas it is the cleanest in the world!!  WE SAVED THE FUCKING PLANET YOU PANTS PISSING LITTLE PUTTY MINDED SELF RIGHTEOUS RETARDS!  NOT YOU!

These mini turds are indoctrinated.  Of that there is no doubt.  There are two sexes.  That’s it.  Capitalism works.  We prove it daily.  Congress is another word for Communist.  That is patently obvious.  But these brainless playground warriors are fucking up the planet more than we ever could!  They need electronics just to get through a day!  Cell phones and laptops, air conditioned schools, SUV’s taking them to protests, every fucking modern convenience imaginable rules their lives.  Their devices are the product of strip mining, slave labor, countries destroyed, populations kept in abject poverty, and killing more of the earth’s flora and fauna than the entire generation of the past could ever do.  But because they exist in this carefully controlled electronic media age, they haven’t got the slightest idea of how badly they are being used by the globalists.  No clue.  Thus, easily manipulated young emotions are being used as a weapon against clear thinking adults who know it isn’t about the fucking climate.  It never has been. We fixed that shit decades ago.  It’s about control.  It’s about tyranny.  And our precious little bed wetters will be the first to be shot once that control is achieved.  The communists have but one use for young people.  To facilitate their rise to power.  After that?  It’s labor camps or a bullet.

So fuck them all.  Sometimes Mossberg’s musings aren’t as funny as first intended.  But we cleaned up our country and it didn’t make a fucking dent in world pollution.  Climate change is a fucking lie.  They couldn’t get any traction any way else and now they’re trotting out the kids.  They think the kids are safe from getting punched in their loud uninformed mouths, or the kids can start their purges like the Red Guards did in China. They’re mistaken. But as far as the climate scam goes, and the people who insist there are 79 genders or men can have periods tell me we are all going to die if we don’t install a communist government after we turn in our guns has it backwards.  Pull that shit and your climate will change in seconds.  Your day will turn into a long, long night. 

Greta Thunderthighs!  You’re handler called.  Says he can’t get his hand up your ass because you’re too full of shit.

Mossberg Out